Dorian Cirrone: Author of Dancing in Red Shoes Will Kill You, Prom Kings and Drama Queens, and the Lindy Blues mysteries

Dorian Cirrone, author

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New from HarperTeen:
Prom Kings and Drama Queens

Caught between her crush and her conscience, Emily Bennet learns that freedom of the press might not include the freedom to press her lips against those of boy-next-door Brian Harrington.

What readers are saying:

Veni, vidi… Or in English, I came, I saw, I read Prom Kings and Drama Queens. And it was fantastic.”
– The Book Muncher

“I really enjoyed Prom Kings and Drama Queens. It was a really sweet story about a girl coming to realize that it does not matter what other people think. Doing what is right and/or what you really believe in is more important. Cirrone is able to incorporate this message within the book as well as throwing in a bit of laugh out loud humor. 5 stars!”
– The Ravenous Reader